Twitch Streamer Amouranth Tried to Buy Rihanna’s House

Twitch streamer Amouranth reveals how she almost purchased an expensive home in Los Angeles once owned by world famous singer Rihanna.

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Twitch streamer Amouranth has amassed a fortune for herself through regularly streaming, making investments, and pursuing other ventures. Amouranth has made millions from Twitch streaming alone and has been transparent about how she’s been spending that money, taking to Twitter to explain real estate investments she’s made as well as stocks she’s purchased. While Amouranth has mostly talked about successful investments and purchases she’s made, she recently revealed that her attempt to purchase a extravagant house in the Los Angeles, California area failed.


Over Christmas break, Amouranth offered $6.9 million to purchase a home in the LA area that apparently used to be owned by world famous singer Rihanna. However, it seems someone else offered more money for the property instead. Amouranth explained that she “couldn’t justify” countering with a larger offer because while homes can hold value better than other big purchases, the area that particular home is in has been “flat” for the last four to five years in terms of property value.

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Amouranth is going “back to the drawing board” when it comes to purchasing a home, and so it’s unclear exactly where she’ll end up. She added that she also looked into a home that used to be owned by a YouTuber, but decided against pursuing it because it “seemed pre-doxxed.” Considering Amouranth’s Twitch fame, it makes sense for her to avoid living in a place that people would be able to find easily.

While Amouranth’s offer on Rihanna’s old home in LA fell through, she’s been more successful in other real estate pursuits. Amouranth made headlines last month when she purchased not one, but two gas stations, including a $10 million 7-Eleven. Amouranth explained that these investments will actually help lower her tax bill at the end of the year, and not only that, but provide passive income as well.

Amouranth’s goal is to eventually open an animal shelter that doesn’t have to rely on donations to stay open, and it seems like she’s well on her way to achieving that goal and then some. That’s likely what she will do after she stops Twitch streaming and making content, though it’s unclear exactly when that will be. Just as she has been transparent about her investment, Amouranth has also talked about her retirement plans, explaining that she will move away from streaming and content creation after her passive income and investments start bringing in more money than she makes from working.

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