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Have you ever been in the position where you have wanted to make a decision about something; however, you did not feel you could do so because you were lacking the required knowledge to make a well-informed decision? If you have not been in this position, then I must raise my hat to you, for you have avoided a situation that the vast majority of us face on a daily basis. If you have, however, found yourself in this situation, do not fret - it is a perfectly normal thing to experience, especially for investors. Things are always changing and so it is really difficult for an investor to feel wholly certain about the goods or services that they are investing in. The best that he or she can do is feel somewhat confident about their decision, because he or she has done adequate research before investing. This page has been designed to help all investors when they are attempting to make decisions. It is filled with the latest trends and statistics which ought to inform investors about the sort of things that they may wish to invest into. The in-depth research that has gone into finding said trends and statistics means that they will enable you to make the best decision for yourself, or for your firm. With that being said, let us briefly explain the importance of trends and statistics within the world of investment.
Trends and statistics are useful because they will help you to invest in the right things. By looking at trends and statistics you will avoid investing in unpopular companies, goods or services thereby enabling you to maximise your chances of success. In essence, your decision will be more well-informed thanks to this page, hence increasing your likelihood of success.
What is more, by choosing to use our trends and statistics page, you will improve your chances of spotting future trends. We all want to be ahead of our competitors - especially when considering how popular the modern world can be - and so we can do this by trying our best to spot future trends (or gaps within the market). This gives us - the investors - the best chance of winning the race against other competing firms.
In essence, we advise all investors to check the statistics as often as possible. A daily check-up could be the key to business success, so be sure to use our trends and statistics page to maximise your chances of coming out on top!
5 Year House Price Trends

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Regions to Watch

The world is an everchanging place with new opportunities and challenges which are always around the corner. These new things define the modern world, and the way in which we view it. They shape our experiences and turn us into the people that we are. With the mutable nature of the world in mind, let us briefly discuss the housing market. Just like the rest of the world, the housing market is always prone to changes. There will be fluctuations in price which lead to places becoming more or less popular. In addition to price changes, there will be social, political and economic factors which also affect the popularity of certain regions. That is why we have created our very own regions to watch page - a page which is dedicated to informing you about places where you can find the hottest property. Our regions to watch page will enable you to make smarter investments and will improve your knowledge of the housing market. What is more, our regions to watch page will improve your overall capacity as an investor. Let us, therefore, briefly explore the benefits of our regions to watch page.

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House Price Trends

As an investor, one thing that you will always be thinking about is costs. Costs will - to a certain extent - determine how successful you are. If things cost too much, you are likely to be less successful because you will be spending more than you shall earn. The reverse effect is also possible. When investing, therefore, you will always have one eye on prices, because this will enable you to ensure that you are not spending too much. What is more, you should also ensure to keep an eye out for price trends, because trends can influence the way in which you invest. This is certainly the case for house prices, so we have created a page which showcases house price trends across various regions, in order to allow you to make the most well-informed decisions possible.


Country1 Year5 Years10 Years
Czech Republic10.66%39.46%n.a.
Hong Kong15.86%60.05%207.58%
New Zealand5.86%42.13%64.71%
Puerto Rico4.88%-10.15%-22.47%
Slovak Republic4.53%16.34%-7.62%
South Africa9.18%26.83%43.78%
South Korea1.41%8.64%17.39%
United Arab Emirates-6.41%11.96%n.a.
United Kingdom2.19%28.26%22.96%
United States6.47%32.86%28.18%

Which economy will grow fastest?

Our Gross Rental Yield figures are based on the average yields for 120 square metre properties (in most locations - see mouse overs).

Our Long Term Investment Rating is based on many factors:

  • Gross rental yield
  • Income tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Round-trip transaction costs
  • Potential landlord and tenant problems
  • Long-term GDP growth
  • Potential over-supply
  • Affordability
  • A view of long-term appeal to investors


Country/CityGross Rental Yield
(% per annum)
Yield Rating
Argentina, Buenos Aires2.45%Very Poor
Aruba, Bakval and Malmok et al7.32%Good
Australia, Sydney2.52%Very Poor
Austria, Vienna1.96%Very Poor
Barbados, St James5.48%Moderate
Belgium, Brussels4.56%Moderate
BVI, Tortola2.85%Very Poor
Bulgaria, Sophia5.12%Moderate
Cambodia, Phnom Phen5.33%Moderate
Canada, Toronto3.95%Poor
Cayman Is., Grand Cayman7.25%Good
Chile, Santiago4.26%Poor
China, Shanghai2.10%Very Poor
Colombia, Bogota6.30%Moderate to Good
Costa Rica, San Jose7.48%Good
Croatia, Zagreb5.43%Moderate
Cyprus, Limassol4.74%Moderate
Czech Republic, Prague3.14%Poor
Denmark, Copenhagen4.84%Moderate
Ecuador, Quito8.04%Excellent
Egypt, Cairo9.40%Excellent
El Salvador, San Salvador8.49%Excellent
Estonia, Tallinn4.90%Moderate
Finland, Helsinki4.11%Poor
France, Paris2.79%Very Poor
Gambia, Banju;5.94%Moderate to Good
Germany, Berlin2.95%Poor
Greece, Athens3.97%Poor
Guadeloupe, Grande-Terre4.94%Moderate
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island2.35%Very Poor
Hungary, Budapest5.24%Moderate
India, Mumbai2.32%Very Poor
Indonesia, Jakarta7.40%Good
Ireland, Dublin7.09%Good
Israel, Tel Aviv2.68%Very Poor
Italy, Rome3.92%Poor
Jamaica, Kingston9.75%Excellent
Japan, Tokyo2.66%Very Poor
Jordan, Amman8.82%Excellent
Kenya, Nairobi6.66%Moderate to Good
Latvia, Riga4.06%Poor
Lebanon, Beirut4.51%Moderate
Lithuania, Vilnius5.39%Moderate
Macedonia. Skopje4.98%Moderate
Madagascar, Antananarivo7.38%Good
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur3.72%Poor
Malta, Valleta3.37%Poor
Martinique, Fort-de-France5.12%Moderate
Moldova, Chisinau10.00%Spectacular
Montenegro, Coastal Areas7.53%Good
Morocco, Marrakesh5.52%Moderate
Netherlands, Amsterdam3.72%Poor
New Zealand, Auckland5.48%Moderate
Nicaragua, Managua7.70%Good
Norway, Oslo3.09%Poor
Panama, Panama City5.75%Moderate
Peru, Lima4.90%Moderate
Philippines, Metro Manila6.13%Moderate to Good
Poland, Warsaw5.50%Moderate
Portugal, Lisbon5.45%Moderate
Puerto Rico, San Juan7.12%Good
Romania, Bucharest6.07%Moderate to Good
Russia, Moscow3.22%Poor
Singapore2.54%Very Poor
Slovakia, Bratislava4.47%Poor
Slovenia, Ljubljana5.13%Moderate
South Africa, Cape Town3.88%Poor
Spain, Madrid4.00%Poor
St. Kitts4.90%Moderate
St Lucia3.57%Poor
St. Martin4.90%Moderate
Switzerland, Geneva3.33%Poor
Taiwan, Taipei2.06%Very Poor
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam8.57%Excellent
Thailand, Bangkok5.13%Moderate
Trinidad6.88%Moderate to Good
Turkey, Istanbul1.93%Very Poor
Ukraine, Kiev9.09%Excellent
UAE, Dubai5.19%Moderate
UK, London2.71%Very Poor
US, New York2.91%Poor
Uruguay, Montevideo7.18%Good

Most highly taxed countries

Being an investor means that you are likely to have to pay various taxes throughout your career. One of these potential taxes is rental tax, which is a taxation that is important for all of the people investing in property. In essence, rental tax is a tax that is applied to any profit that you make from renting out a property. The amount of tax varies based on certain factors - such as how much profit you make or any personal circumstances that should be taken into consideration - but it must, nonetheless, be paid by the investor. Rental taxes vary from region to region; therefore, we have created a rental taxes page which enables you to compare the taxes for your desired areas.


Country/CityIncome Tax on Rent (Effective Rate)Capital Gains Tax (10 Yr Holding)Roundtrip Transaction CostGross Rental Yield
Argentina, Buenos Aires14.70%15.00%10.79%2.45%
Aruba, Bakval and Malmok et al3.11%n.a.9.00%7.32%
Australia, Sydney24.38%45.00%12.46%2.52%
Austria, Vienna24.92%27.50%11.20%1.96%
Barbados, St James7.50%n.a.12.91%5.48%
Belgium, Brussels8.11%16.50%19.22%4.56%
Belize, Ambergris Caye3.00%n.a.16.00%n.a.
Botswana, Gaboron2.75%25.00%7.24%n.a.
Brazil, Sao Paolo15.00%15.00%11.50%n.a.
BVI, Tortola7.00%n.a.16.50%2.85%
Bulgaria, Sophia10.00%10.00%7.95%5.12%
Cambodia, Phnom Phen14.00%20.00%7.70%5.33%
Canada, Toronto25.00%33.00%8.05%3.95%
Cape Verde, Praia20.00%10.00%13.50%n.a.
Cayman Is., Grand Caymann.a.n.a.17.00%7.25%
Chile, Santiago35.00%n.a.5.35%4.26%
China, Shanghai5.00%20.00%7.35%2.10%
Colombia, Bogota24.75%10.00%5.86%6.30%
Costa Rica, San Jose5.10%n.a.11.75%7.48%
Croatia, Zagreb8.40%n.a.12.53%5.43%
Cyprus, Limassoln.a.20.00%10.23%4.74%
Czech Republic, Prague5.57%15.00%8.77%3.14%
Denmark, Copenhagen1.63%24.00%2.23%4.84%
Dominica, Roseaun.a.n.a.28.45%n.a.
Dom. Rep., Puerto Plata18.90%27.00%12.43%n.a.
Ecuador, Quito25.00%n.a.8.31%8.04%
Egypt, Cairo3.79%n.a.11.17%9.40%
El Salvador, San Salvador25.58%10.00%9.21%8.49%
Estonia, Tallinn20.00%20.00%4.08%4.90%
Finland, Helsinki22.50%34.00%6.99%4.11%
France, Paris10.00%33.30%18.45%2.79%
Germany, Berlin2.71%n.a.12.71%2.95%
Ghana, Accra8.00%15.00%12.13%n.a.
Greece, Athens7.50%15.00%20.82%3.97%
Grenada, St. George15.00%n.a.37.50%n.a.
Guadeloupe, Grande-Terre10.00%33.30%16.30%4.94%
Guam, Hagatna4.87%15.00%9.60%n.a.
Guatemala, Guatemala City18.75%10.00%4.15%n.a.
Honduras, Tegucigalpa11.11%10.00%10.65%n.a.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island11.40%n.a.34.11%2.35%
Hungary, Budapest13.50%15.00%10.65%5.24%
India, Mumbai7.87%30.00%11.88%2.32%
Indonesia, Jakarta20.00%5.00%17.20%7.40%
Ireland, Dublin10.05%33.00%9.07%7.09%
Israel, Tel Aviv7.75%n.a.6.74%2.68%
Italy, Rome17.25%n.a.16.13%3.92%
Jamaica, Kingston18.75%n.a.19.41%9.75%
Japan, Tokyo3.40%15.00%13.36%2.66%
Jordan, Amman15.00%n.a.10.94%8.82%
Kenya, Nairobi10.00%n.a.5.13%6.66%
Latvia, Riga17.25%15.00%6.11%4.06%
Lebanon, Beirut3.03%10.00%5.90%4.51%
Lithuania, Vilnius1.96%15.00%3.44%5.39%
Macedonia. Skopje7.50%10.00%5.95%4.98%
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur22.40%5.00%5.18%3.72%
Malta, Valleta23.33%12.00%18.56%3.37%
Martinique, Fort-de-France10.00%6.45%16.30%5.12%
Mauritius, Port Lewis11.25%n.a.16.24%n.a.
Mexico, Mexico City25.00%25.00%8.13%n.a.
Montenegro, Coastal Areas5.40%9.00%7.02%7.53%
Morocco, Marrakesh10.70%20.00%14.75%5.52%
Namibia, Windhoekn.a.n.a.14.65%n.a.
Netherlands, Amsterdam13.42%1.62%8.25%3.72%
New Zealand, Auckland0.94%n.a.4.52%5.48%
Nicaragua, Managua10.50%10.00%12.75%7.70%
Nigeria, Lagos10.00%10.00%29.44%n.a.
Norway, Oslo20.80%24.00%4.69%3.09%
Oman, Muskat2.25%n.a.3.00%n.a.
Panama, Panama City2.08%10.00%8.30%5.75%
Paraguay, Asuncion10.00%10.00%7.51%n.a.
Peru, Lima30.00%30.00%7.99%4.90%
Philippines, Metro Manila4.06%32.00%8.63%6.13%
Poland, Warsaw13.50%n.a.6.73%5.50%
Portugal, Lisbon26.44%28.00%12.92%5.45%
Puerto Rico, San Juan1.75%29.00%8.33%7.12%
Qatar, Doha7.50%10.00%0.25%n.a.
Romania, Bucharest9.60%n.a.12.32%6.07%
Russia, Moscow20.00%20.00%23.11%3.22%
Saudi Arabia, Riyadhn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Senegal, Dakar15.00%30.00%25.13%n.a.
Seychelles, Victoria15.00%n.a.8.50%n.a.
Slovakia, Bratislava9.28%25.00%5.81%4.47%
Slovenia, Ljubljana22.50%10.00%6.35%5.13%
South Africa, Cape Town12.80%13.65%14.65%3.88%
South Korean, Seouln.a.38.00%23.98%n.a.
Spain, Madrid19.00%19.00%11.09%4.00%
Sri lanka, Colombo14.81%n.a.107.60%n.a.
St. Kittsn.a.n.a.29.70%4.90%
St Lucia11.00%n.a.23.25%3.57%
Sweden, Stockholmn.a.30.00%8.25%n.a.
Switzerland, Geneva48.56%n.a.6.21%3.33%
Taiwan, Taipei25.00%20.00%9.93%2.06%
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam15.00%20.00%11.80%8.57%
Thailand, Bangkok2.73%35.00%10.90%5.13%
Tunisia, Tunis12.00%5.00%9.10%n.a.
Turkey, Istanbul21.94%n.a.9.50%1.93%
Turks and Caicos Is., Providencialesn.a.n.a.16.10%n.a.
Uganda, Kampala19.14%20.00%11.05%n.a.
Ukraine, Kiev18.00%18.00%6.03%9.09%
UAE, Dubai5.00%n.a.6.01%5.19%
UK, Londonn.a.28.00%10.03%2.71%
US, New York30.00%15.00%9.82%2.91%
Uruguay, Montevideo10.50%12.00%14.00%7.18%
US VI, St. Croixn.a.20.00%10.00%n.a.
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World's most expensive cities


Shows the buying price, price/rent ratio, rent per month (US$), and gross rental yield (%) for a 120 square metre apartment


Most Expensive Cities

Country/CityBuying Price
US $ per Sq. M.
Ratio (x)
Rent per
Month ($ or €)
Gross Rental Yield
Andorra$ 3,61532x€ 9203.16%
Antigua$ 3,501n.a.n.a.n.a.
Argentina, Buenos Aires$ 3,66041x$ 8962.45%
Aruba, Bakval and Malmok et al$ 1,45514x$ 1,7747.32%
Australia, Sydney$ 10,71140x$ 2,7012.52%
Austria, Vienna$ 14,33351x€ 1,9861.96%
Bahamas$ 3,63212x$ 2,9648.16%
Barbados, St James$ 2,73918x$ 2,5015.48%
Belgium, Brussels$ 3,93222x€ 1,4454.56%
Belize, Ambergris Caye$ 2,322n.a.n.a.n.a.
Bermuda$ 7,05621x$ 5,5974.76%
Brazil, Sao Paolo$ 4,370n.a.n.a.n.a.
BVI, Tortola$ 6,46935x$ 3,0712.85%
Bulgaria, Sophia$ 2,06220x€ 8515.12%
Cambodia, Phnom Phen$ 2,91319x$ 1,5535.33%
Canada, Toronto$ 10,65725x$ 4,2113.95%
Cape Verde, Praia$ 1,300n.a.n.a.n.a.
Cayman Is., Grand Cayman$ 4,16314x$ 3,0187.25%
Chile, Santiago$ 2,77123x$ 1,1814.26%
China, Shanghai$ 11,82948x$ 2,4792.10%
Colombia, Bogota$ 2,18916x$ 1,3796.30%
Costa Rica, San Jose$ 1,93813x$ 1,4507.48%
Croatia, Zagreb$ 2,45318x€ 1,0745.43%
Cyprus, Limassol$ 2,08121x€ 7964.74%
Czech Republic, Prague$ 8,06632x€ 1,0223.14%
Denmark, Copenhagen$ 5,30621x€ 2,0714.84%
Dom. Rep., Puerto Plata$ 2,078n.a.n.a.n.a.
Ecuador, Quito$ 1,27812x$ 1,0278.04%
Egypt, Cairo$ 83111x$ 9779.40%
El Salvador, San Salvador$ 1,19312x$ 1,0138.49%
Estonia, Tallinn$ 3,95620x€ 1,5604.90%
Finland, Helsinki$ 8,19524x€ 2,7184.11%
France, Paris$ 15,86736x€ 3,5642.79%
Germany, Berlin$ 7,32534x€ 1,3052.95%
Greece, Athens$ 4,48825x€ 1,4383.97%
Guadeloupe, Grande-Terre$ 2,92520x$ 1,4454.94%
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island$ 28,57043x$ 7,2672.35%
Hungary, Budapest$ 3,11919x€ 1,3195.24%
India, Mumbai$ 10,93243x$ 2,5372.32%
Indonesia, Jakarta$ 2,82314x$ 2,1757.40%
Israel, Tel Aviv$ 17,14937x$ 4,5912.68%
Italy, Rome$ 8,17026x€ 2,5843.92%
Jamaica, Kingston$ 1,40410x$ 1,3699.75%
Japan, Tokyo$ 16,32238x$ 4,3462.66%
Jordan, Amman$ 1,45511x$ 1,6058.82%
Kenya, Nairobi$ 1,68715x$ 1,1236.66%
Latvia, Riga$ 3,45825x€ 1,1324.06%
Lebanon, Beirut$ 3,69322x$ 2,0824.51%
Lithuania, Vilnius$ 2,68219x€ 1,1665.39%
Luxembourg$ 5,71023x€ 1,9554.40%
Macedonia. Skopje$ 1,40620x€ 5654.98%
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur$ 3,44127x$ 1,2813.72%
Malta, Valleta$ 5,67430x€ 1,5403.37%
Martinique, Fort-de-France$ 2,97920x$ 1,5245.12%
Mexico, Mexico City$ 1,852n.a.n.a.n.a.
Montenegro, Coastal Areas$ 1,73613x€ 1,0557.53%
Morocco, Marrakesh$ 1,54918x$ 8545.52%
Netherlands, Amsterdam$ 8,55827x€ 2,5693.72%
New Zealand, Auckland$ 3,43818x$ 1,8855.48%
Nicaragua, Managua$ 89313x$ 1,1467.70%
Norway, Oslo$ 10,26832x€ 2,5563.09%
Panama, Panama City$ 3,60617x$ 2,0755.75%
Peru, Lima$ 2,69220x$ 1,0554.90%
Philippines, Metro Manila$ 3,95216x$ 2,4226.13%
Poland, Warsaw$ 3,46318x€ 1,5355.50%
Portugal, Lisbon$ 4,74918x€ 1,5785.45%
Puerto Rico, San Juan$ 1,00714x$ 7177.12%
Romania, Bucharest$ 1,97316x€ 9666.07%
Russia, Moscow$ 14,71431x€ 3,8203.22%
Serbia$ 2,77623x€ 9944.44%
Singapore$ 13,74839x$ 3,4982.54%
Slovakia, Bratislava$ 3,84222x€ 1,3844.47%
Slovenia, Ljubljana$ 3,62319x€ 1,4995.13%
South Africa, Cape Town$ 4,21426x$ 1,6363.88%
Spain, Madrid$ 6,17325x€ 1,9914.00%
St. Kitts$ 3,49620x$ 1,7124.90%
St Lucia$ 1,86028x$ 1,1083.57%
Sweden, Stockholm$ 8,669n.a.n.a.n.a.
Switzerland, Geneva$ 14,23030x€ 3,8273.33%
Taiwan, Taipei$ 10,37349x$ 2,1422.06%
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam$ 70012x$ 5008.57%
Thailand, Bangkok$ 3,95219x$ 2,0295.13%
Trinidad$ 2,33415x$ 1,6076.88%
Turkey, Istanbul$ 5,68052x€ 8871.93%
Turks and Caicos Is., Providenciales$ 3,884n.a.n.a.n.a.
Ukraine, Kiev$ 3,48111x€ 2,5509.09%
UAE, Dubai$ 5,91819x$ 3,0705.19%
UK, London$ 29,67637x€ 6,6062.71%
US, New York$ 17,19134x$ 4,9422.91%
Uruguay, Montevideo$ 2,59814x$ 1,8657.18%
US VI, St. Croix$ 3,235n.a.n.a.n.a.


Which economy will grow fastest?


Shows GDP per capita growth (5 years), degree of economic freedom, strength of property rights, and competitiveness


Fastest Growth

Country/CityGDP/Cap Growth 5 YearsEconomic Freedom RatingProperty Rights IndexCompetitiveness Rating
Argentina, Buenos Aires-4.11%50.41324
Aruba, Bakval and Malmok et aln.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Australia, Sydney3.70%81.02825.2
Austria, Vienna-0.46%72.27865.2
Barbados, St James1.58%54.556n.a.
Belgium, Brussels2.32%67.85835.2
Belize, Ambergris Caye-2.96%58.6344n.a.
Botswana, Gaboron13.41%70.11584.3
Brazil, Sao Paolo-7.15%52.85554.1
BVI, Tortolan.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Bulgaria, Sophia12.32%67.86634.5
Cambodia, Phnom Phen24.37%59.52423.9
Canada, Toronto3.10%78.51885.3
Cape Verde, Praia1.25%56.95433.8
Cayman Is., Grand Caymann.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Chile, Santiago5.61%76.55684.7
China, Shanghai29.20%57.4485
Colombia, Bogota9.92%69.69644.3
Costa Rica, San Jose9.76%65.03524.5
Croatia, Zagreb6.09%59.38654.2
Cyprus, Limassol-1.61%67.85754.3
Czech Republic, Prague9.93%73.34704.8
Denmark, Copenhagen3.67%75.05875.4
Dominica, Roseau3.82%63.6544n.a.
Dom. Rep., Puerto Plata23.63%62.91563.9
Ecuador, Quito1.14%49.29393.9
Egypt, Cairo5.72%52.59353.9
El Salvador, San Salvador6.13%64.12453.8
Estonia, Tallinn9.96%79.06834.8
Finland, Helsinki-1.07%73.99915.5
France, Paris1.86%63.3855.2
Germany, Berlin3.36%73.8835.7
Ghana, Accra8.38%56.22523.7
Greece, Athens-0.38%55534
Grenada, St. George19.37%n.a.n.a.n.a.
Guadeloupe, Grande-Terren.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Guam, Hagatnan.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Guatemala, Guatemala City6.78%63.01454.1
Honduras, Tegucigalpa7.45%58.84453.9
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island7.76%89.82945.5
Hungary, Budapest12.89%65.79604.3
India, Mumbai25.57%52.64554.6
Indonesia, Jakarta15.81%61.94484.7
Ireland, Dublin42.03%76.74865.2
Israel, Tel Aviv6.48%69.74725.3
Italy, Rome-0.79%62.53754.5
Jamaica, Kingston0.83%69.47584.2
Japan, Tokyo5.04%69.58895.5
Jordan, Amman1.40%66.68604.3
Kenya, Nairobi11.77%53.48454
Latvia, Riga13.97%74.75734.4
Lebanon, Beirut5.59%53.26443.8
Lithuania, Vilnius16.07%75.78734.6
Macedonia. Skopje12.82%70.7467n.a.
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur13.33%73.78855.2
Malta, Valleta22.84%67.69684.6
Martinique, Fort-de-Francen.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Mauritius, Port Lewis14.27%74.71644.5
Mexico, Mexico City4.19%63.55584.4
Montenegro, Coastal Areas11.32%61.98584.1
Morocco, Marrakesh8.61%61.53554.2
Namibia, Windhoek11.59%62.55544
Netherlands, Amsterdam4.10%75.8875.7
New Zealand, Auckland4.63%83.75965.4
Nicaragua, Managua15.35%59.19313.9
Nigeria, Lagos1.52%57.06353.3
Norway, Oslo1.41%73.97875.4
Oman, Muskat-5.71%62.13614.3
Panama, Panama City17.68%66.26614.4
Paraguay, Asuncion20.64%62.43383.7
Peru, Lima11.32%68.9584.2
Philippines, Metro Manila19.38%65.61494.4
Poland, Warsaw11.94%68.26614.6
Portugal, Lisbon4.65%62.58734.6
Puerto Rico, San Juan1.08%n.a.n.a.n.a.
Qatar, Doha-19.53%73.1755.1
Romania, Bucharest18.24%69.65644.3
Russia, Moscow-0.69%57.1484.6
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh3.71%64.44624.8
Senegal, Dakar8.23%55.93443.8
Seychelles, Victoria14.43%61.79553.8
Slovakia, Bratislava11.19%65.73694.3
Slovenia, Ljubljana6.94%59.2754.5
South Africa, Cape Town-0.39%62.28684.3
South Korean, Seoul10.10%74.26785.1
Spain, Madrid7.01%63.57714.7
Sri lanka, Colombo15.44%57.39484.1
St. Kitts15.57%n.a.n.a.n.a.
St Lucia-0.90%65.0466n.a.
Sweden, Stockholm6.65%74.91895.5
Switzerland, Geneva2.30%81.45875.9
Taiwan, Taipei7.63%76.51865.3
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam21.25%58.58343.7
Thailand, Bangkok8.54%66.22514.7
Tunisia, Tunis2.71%55.71503.9
Turkey, Istanbul18.34%65.23614.4
Turks and Caicos Is., Providencialesn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Uganda, Kampala5.39%60.91393.7
Ukraine, Kiev-7.75%48.09414.1
UAE, Dubai3.99%76.89775.3
UK, London6.05%76.43945.5
US, New York5.83%75.14815.9
Uruguay, Montevideo8.30%69.67704.1
US VI, St. Croixn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.