Seattle Seahawks or Los Angeles Rams?

After a chaotic week of rescheduling and elevating guys from the practice squad, the Seattle Seahawks lost a Tuesday night game to the Los Angeles Rams. Ever since the win, the Los Angeles Rams have been riding high.

They are now winners of two straight, both coming from within the division. They are now tied for first place in the NFC West and remain only one game out of the number one seed in the NFC. Cooper Kupp is working his way up the ranks in the MVP discussion – as he should – and the media is falling into the trap of being a prisoner of the moment.

Most notably, Colin Cowherd presented an interesting opening segment on his show, The Herd, Wednesday afternoon. Outside of discussing the broken Seattle Seahawks offense, Colin went one step further in his assessment of their 2021 season. He referred to the Seahawks as the individual who inherited wealth and did a poor job of investing it.

Seattle Seahawks or Los Angeles Rams: Who is better at making a deal?

The full clip is below:

Although Seattle definitely deserves criticism for their 2021 season, the one thing that really caught my attention was when Colin refers to the Los Angeles Rams as the better bargain shopper.

“The Seahawks are just doing a bad Rams impression…the difference is, the Rams are great bargain shoppers. OBJ and Sony Michel and Von Miller cost you nothing…Seattle is just doing a lousy Rams impression. The glitzy Los Angeles football team works harder, drafts better, bargain shops better, and when they do take a big swing, they go get a star.”

I’m sorry, but to me, that is just comical. I am not by any means saying Seattle is absolved from any critic in the way they have drafted or from some of the moves they have made over the last couple of years. But, to say they are doing a lousy Rams impression is a reach and I’ll explain why.

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