Retail ‘smash-and-grab’ looters are the Democrats’ own making

The CNN headline promised answers: “Why some US cities are facing a spree of ‘smash-and-grab’ crimes.” But it was largely a false flag.

Once again, those on the left — as CNN people lean — have failed to fully acknowledge the problem lies with themselves.

Here’s what CNN got right: Overtasked law enforcement have been overwhelmed by cases of retail theft at a time when defund the police campaigns have cut their ranks and killed their morale, and in communities where politicians have seen fit to decriminalize property crimes — a move that disincentives cops to do a job that could turn dangerous while incentivizing thugs to go ahead, take the chance. Thanks to the coronavirus, face-mask wearing is widespread and unquestioned. Can you say “cannot identify” the suspect?

But posing questions like this, as CNN did — “Are [the thefts] linked to the holiday season? Is it pandemic restlessness?” — is a time-waster.

It’s a distraction from the truth. It’s a dismissal of the deeper issue.
The simple fact is the looters making media headlines for hitting up high-class stores like Nordstrom, Burberry and Louis Vuitton and making off with tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods are children of the left. They’re of the Democrats’ making. They’re just the type of people the socialists and Marxists masquerading as fine, upstanding members of the Democratic Party have been steadily building up, prepping and sending into the streets for purposes of mayhem for years. That any of the creators of these Frankensteins might now want to feign innocence and haplessness at their little monsters’ behaviors is both disingenuous and deceptive.

“String of ‘organized retail robbers’ lead California investigators to social media,” NBC News just wrote.

“California stores on high alert after swarm of thefts,” ABC News just wrote.

“A new breed of brazen takeover robbers hitting California luxury retailers, raising ire,” Yahoo News just wrote.

“Shoplifting incident with 80 suspects is worth they’ve seen, retired police say,” NBC News just wrote.

“Best Buy CEO says the trauma from rising retail thefts could force employees to quit,” CNBC just wrote.

These are terrible headlines announcing terrible crimes. But they’re not that surprising.

For years, Democrats, from Nancy Pelosi to Maxine Waters to Chuck Schumer to all the leftist media pundits in between, have called for violence in the streets, aggression against conservatives, confrontation with Donald Trump types. For years, Democrats have stood silently as Black Lives Matter have taken over streets, taken over communities, taken up arms even to patrol the streets they’ve taken over and make sure the law-abiding — and police — stay away. For years, the Democrats have emboldened the thuggish forces of the nation, given them respect, even invited them to the White House. For years, the Democrats have cheered the First Amendment rights of brick-throwers and Molotov cocktail hurlers, while demanding police stop their so-called “racist” arrest activities.

For years, Democrats have attacked all things godly, demanded all things of God be removed from the public platforms, from the public schools, from public politics, and instead insisted on total separation of morals and state — of moral standards from society.

For years, Democrats have told youth they don’t have to listen to their elders, and they certainly don’t have to do any of those old, old-fashioned, out-of-date and unnecessary things their elders did as norms — things such as marry, and stay married, and raise children in a home where both mother and father were present. 

Hook up with whomever you wish, the left taught its young men and women.

Raise your babies on welfare, or abort if that’s easier, the left taught its teenage mothers. 

Be a girl if you like, the left taught its youthful boys.

It’s a free country — don’t let them tell you what to do, the left taught, young and old alike. Well, actions breed consequences. 

“String of Bay Area high-profile retail robberies brings calls for action,” The Mercury News just wrote.

The question is: What kind of action? Action is good. Action is certainly warranted. But without addressing the root causes, the problems will persist. And truly, the problem is the Democrats. The problem is a political party that’s messaged and massaged a violent “do as you will” standard of immoral behavior for years.

The Bible teaches “by their fruits ye shall know them.” That’s Democrats and their streets full of crime.

Until the moral compass is righted, the immorality will remain. 

• Cheryl Chumley can be reached at or on Twitter, @ckchumley. Listen to her podcast “Bold and Blunt” by clicking HERE. And never miss her column; subscribe to her newsletter by clicking HERE. Her latest book, “Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise Or America Will Fall,” is available by clicking HERE.

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