Live Vicariously Through These 11 Real Estate Investing Shows

Live Vicariously Through These 11 Real Estate Investing Shows

Do you dream of becoming a real estate investor? Whether you’re looking to flip a property or buy a fixer-upper for yourself, you can watch many TV shows for inspiration. Here are 11 shows that will teach you real lessons about purchasing real estate wisely without having to spend a dime. 

1. Million Dollar Listing

MDL is set in prestigious real estate markets such as Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Each spinoff follows a cast of superstar agents who compete to sell houses with over-the-top features like wine cellars, five-car garages, resort-style pools, and professional-level home gyms

While the shows are relatively dramatic, they provide a window into the life of successful real estate agents. So if you aspire to be a Million Dollar Agent, then stream a few seasons of this show. 

2. Flipping 101

Top of our list is a show that caters specifically to aspiring real estate investors. Flipping pro Tarek El Moussa coaches novice investors through purchasing, fixing, and flipping properties. 

The hour-long show is a good learning opportunity to understand how to make money from investment properties. In addition, the show does an excellent job of detailing common mistakes that investors can make. 

3. Fixer Upper

With an 8.2 score on IMDB, Fixer Upper is one of the highest-rated HGTV shows. The show aired between 2013 to 2018, but there are plenty of re-runs. Chip and Joanna Gaines are a lovely couple with impeccable design taste. 

The episodes follow the couple as they remodel fixer-upper houses for homeowners. For investors, the show has a lot of content on sourcing materials, design ideas, and maximizing the value of a home with top-notch fixtures and smart home gyms.

4. Cash Pad

Fans of ‘The Bachelorette’ will recognize the stars of this CNBC show that unfortunately ran for only 1 season. Jojo and Jordan Fletcher guide homeowners to generate cash flow by turning their properties into short-term vacation rentals. 

The concept is excellent for investors. Short-term rentals, where allowed, can be very profitable. There are many ways to make money online but listing your investment property on Airbnb is one of the best ones. The show features properties in Texas and Arizona, including some unique renovations like garages and trailers. It is encouraging investors to see that they can convert any space into a profitable rental. 

While the show has ended its run, you can still catch episodes on the Peacock network or 

5. Flip or Flop

Tarek El Moussa makes another entry on our list, along with his ex-wife Christina! 

Flip or Flop has over 135 episodes and has been on HGTV since 2013. The popular show and our personal favorite features the realtor couple bidding on dilapidated houses in the LA area, sometimes sight unseen. Once they win the bid, the couple gets to work and remodel & redesign the home, with the specific purpose of flipping it for profit. 

Flip or Flop is an excellent show for aspiring flippers and an excellent opportunity to learn which improvements and home features make investors the most money. The best part is that the show doesn’t just feature success stories. Many flips go south for the couple where they barely break even or allow the house to sit on the market until a reasonable offer is received. It’s good to see an honest portrayal of the ups and downs of a flipping business. You can also stream the show on Apple TV

6. Property Brothers 

The hit original show from Canadian twins, Drew and Jonathan Scott spawned a bunch of spinoffs and turned the brothers into megastars in the world of real estate investing. 

The show streams on Netflix and HGTV. The premise is engaging. Drew is a real estate agent who finds undervalued investment properties for clients, and Jonathan is a renovation expert who converts the properties into dream homes. Along the way, budding investors can get tips about spotting undervalued properties and renovating on a budget to turn properties into charming homes.

7. Designed to Sell

One of the original real estate design shows. The show ran for five seasons, starting in 2004, and has a 7.8 rating on IMDb. A team of designers and real estate experts works with homeowners to redesign and sell their homes. 

The unique part about this show is that the teams receive only a $2,000 budget to make improvements and stage the house. On such a small budget, some of the results on the show are striking. If you are starting in real estate and want to minimize your spending, the show has some great ideas that you can use for inspiration. 

8. The Vanilla Ice Project 

Real estate investment is not the first thing you think about when you hear the name Vanilla Ice, is it? However, the man did manage to surprise everyone with his DIY network show, which ran for nine seasons. 

His Ice Ice Baby days are well behind him; Rob Van Winkle is now a construction contractor by trade. The show started in 2010 and leveraged Rob’s extensive experience in house flipping to showcase excellent renovations of luxury Palm Beach houses. In addition, the show offers lessons in working with contractors and inserting technology to bring up the value of your flips. You can catch the show on DIY or Sling TV.

9. House Hunters 

One of the longest-running shows on TV, House Hunters, has been on HGTV in some form or another since 1999. The show is simple: buyers looking for homes within the United States or abroad get matched up with real estate agents. The agents show them multiple houses, and the buyer has to choose one at the end. 

For investors, the show provides a glimpse into several different real estate markets while portraying the emotions and processes involved in the home buying process. 

10. Love It or List It

This show is thoroughly entertaining and dives into the psyche of homeowners. A real estate agent and a designer compete to influence their clients to either move to a new home or stay in their redesigned current home. 

The show serves two purposes for investors. First, you can learn what design features serve the most functional purpose for homeowners, and you can also understand how to play up to people’s emotions in a real estate transaction. 

11. Income Property

Scott McGillivray’s hit show on HGTV has a solution for cash-strapped homeowners. He teaches them how to convert their living space into rental units, which can generate additional revenue and help reduce mortgage costs in the process. 

In each episode of this Canadian show, McGillivary presents his client with two design options, so they have all the necessary information before picking the option that works best for them. Then comes renovation time! The meticulous host oversees everything from start to finish. 

For investors, the show has some great advice on generating income from homes – a must-watch!

These shows are guaranteed to teach you a thing or two if you are interested in learning about real estate. Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your couch with a bag of popcorn. Happy streaming! 


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