InvestoXpert Leads the Way in Real Estate Under Prowess of Mr. Vishal Raheja

Reigning the realty sector with five years of commendable services, InvestoXpert has redefined how the market acknowledged the growth of the domain. From providing effective solutions to all your real estate needs to yielding resources and consultancies for home buying, InvestoXpert has become the torchbearer in the industry. With their online portal, these services have been made easily accessible for customers looking for hassle-free methods of investing in real estate.

Founder, Mr. Vishal Raheja using his mindful methodologies has amalgamated technology with the real estate sector, which up to a few years ago was considered a completely on-field segment to be operated on. With his platform he ensured that all his clients can get their queries addressed, ranging from the residential, commercial, loan, rental, leasing, etc, under one roof, making their experiences in the sector worth remembering. Talking about how advancements in digitization and InvestoXpert are walking hand in hand, Vishal Raheja shares his insights on the sector.


1) How do you think digitization speeds up and streamlines the processes for investing in Real Estate?

Digitization has been a boon, especially since the pandemic got us all locked. Digital technologies have helped brands to transform front traditional brokers to proptech firms, becoming a key driver of business growth, stabilizing the realm in the light of the Corona Outbreak. Digitization of the real estate businesses has increased the pace of work. The outreaching capacity has helped introduce new services for the prospective clientele. In an industry like real estate, where the physical aspect is very necessary, technology has immensely assisted the sector to sustain their services by facilitating the developers and brokers to provide virtual consultations, tours and offering the home-buyers or investors to find the right investment opportunity that is suitable to their current needs and requirements. 


2) Do you feel that there is a lot of competition in the realty sector? If yes, then how is InvestoXpert planning to stay ahead in this competition?

Competition is of course tough as numerous firms commit to offering the best services over the other. According to me, the key to surviving heavy competition is to focus on improving quality and always upgrading the existing systems and services. We at InvestoXpert, make it imperative to think from the business and the client perspectives to initiate efficacious solutions and deliver quality and achieve maximum client satisfaction. Investing in real estate is an important decision and our commitments are to assist our clients in every step, directing them through the dynamics of this changing market. This gives us an edge over our competitors as the client doesn’t need to oscillate between different service providers for one requirement. We aim to streamline our services in a way that the client achieves the right guidance in all aspects concerning real estate requirements, be it property finding, leasing, renting, registering, and finally acquisition at a single place, that is InvestoXpert. 


3) InvestoXpert caters to a wide audience through their online platform, how has the response been on the same?

The response we have received so far has been immense. Unexpectedly, even as the market slowed down, the requirement for real estate did not experience a heavy dip as the need for owning one’s roof surged amidst the pandemic. With our platform, we were able to cater to over 2000 home-buyers post the second wave and provide them virtual consultations and tours of pristine properties of our prominent associates. The response has been tremendous, and we are planning to upgrade our portal by adding new and useful features for prospective buyers and investors, making our approach more comprehensive. 


4) What do you suggest to the buyers as the foremost thing before they plan to invest in a new property?

Real estate investments are certain key decisions that are taken from a long-term perspective. This includes aligning your requirements, finances and looking out for available amenities, and weighing the available options to make an informed decision. So, the first and the foremost thing to consider before investing in a new property is to analyze the surrounding of the property, the architecture, and space, its accessibility to nearby markets, hospitals, schools, offices, etc. This helps the client to understand the foreseeable developments that may take place in that particular locality and how much beneficial the overall investment will be. The rest of it all comes later, where people need to be concerned about the size of the rooms, availability of balconies, or any other thing for that matter. 


5) What is the hardest part of keeping your clients focused during home tours?

Before any potential buyer physically visits the property, they need to be convinced to make that effort. Digital media surely has made things easier in the pandemic but it is of course a task to keep the audience’s attention while we are assisting them virtually. The major reasons people lose their attention span is because they are tired or the clarity of the video is not good, or we are just loading them with information without focusing on the visualization, as real estate buying requires the buyers to be convinced visually as well. So, the best way to garner the attention of the target customers is to pay attention to highlighting the best of the property by utilizing good photography, lighting, aesthetics, and more. Home-buying is a process that requires the client to be convinced with what they see and so keeping a good balance of information and visuals works perfectly during virtual consultations and tours. At the end of the day, they’ll buy what they like, and they’ll like what they’ll be able to see clearly.


6) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Do you want to stay in the realty sector or plan to venture out in other domains as well?

Since our inception in 2016, InvestoXpert has already expanded itself to retail advisory, sales management and assessment, and interior designing in these 5 years. In the coming 5 years, we hope to extend our reach to more domains to cater to the ever-changing client requirements. Our foremost priority will be our online portal,, where we will be focusing on introducing more features and tools to offer a more comprehensive approach to deliver our services. We are looking forward to growing our portfolio with new ventures and verticals complimenting our existing profile. 


With their core based on trust, reliability, customer satisfaction, accountability, and diversity, InvestoXpert has made it their mission to deliver quality services making your home buying experience worth remembering.

Disclaimer: No Deccan Chronicle journalist was involved in creating this content. The group also takes no responsibility for this content.

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